Vietnam Veterans of America 
Chapter 1057 - Brandon, MS  


Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is a national nonprofit membership and service organization.

Working through the 600 local chapters of Vietnam Veterans of America, and working independently, AVVA supports the needs of veterans, their families, and their communities.

Did You Know?

                                    Better Chance Scholarship!!!

In January 1998, the BETTER CHANCE
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM was established. This was one of the ways that the associates could help better the lives of the veterans and their families not only today but for years to come. The program targets the average student who would not be eligible for an academic scholarship and could not afford the escalating costs of an education, but did want to attend college.
As funds permit,
scholarships in the amount of $1000, $750, or $500 will be awarded to students who are in financial need to pursue post-secondary education.

For an application to be accepted, you must be a VVA or AVVA member; the spouse, child, or grandchild of a VVA or AVVA member; or the spouse, child, or grandchild of a KIA or MIA Vietnam Veteran.

You must be registered in an accredited college, university, or post-secondary training institute.
You must be able to prove financial need through the official print out from the Federal
Student Aid Application form.

Download The Scholarship Application Here

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